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Local fresh cuisine
for everyone

Springreens, LLC was founded October 2018 through The Halal Businesses, Inc. an organization that supports education.  We partnered with the previous owners of the “Community Café”. We are now Springreens at The Community Café. Our staff are determined to bring Healthy Soul food back to the community with a little of Mediterranean flavor.   Family friendly environment for everyone, with positive energy all around us!  We are collaboration with Jadiya Che’ to bring health herbal tea to Springreens at Community Café.  

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Oh wow!   I bought two plates to take home for a casual dinner for two: a lamb and rice plate and a baked chicken with salad; one plate for my wife, Angelica, and one for myself.   I ate them both before leaving the restaurant. Needless to say, neither plate made it home.

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