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About Us!


Springreens, LLC was founded October 2018 through The Halal Businesses, Inc. an organization that supports education.  We partnered with the previous owners of the “Community Café”. We are now Springreens at The Community Café. Our staff are determined to bring Healthy Soul food back to the community with a little of Mediterranean flavor.   Family friendly environment for everyone, with positive energy all around us!  We are collaboration with Jadiya Che’ to bring health herbal tea to Springreens at Community Café.  


Our Goals:


To make sure we serve the community healthy meals that can be enjoyed even by vegans and vegetarian, by eliminating meat in our vegetables.  


To make sure that we’re serving our children healthy meal choices like vegetables with their fish and chicken nuggets or our parents can purchase kid meals off the hot bar.  


To give back to the community by serving meals to those in need Monday or Tuesdays. We are partnering up with customers who can afford to donate $5.00 per person by making sure we’re able to meet the needs of individuals and or families who are in need of a hot meal. God’s willing with the community support we’re be able to feed a meal every day. 

From the Neighborhood


I love soul food.   The vegetables here at Springreens are seasoned to perfection.  I usually get the barbecue chicken, veggies, mac & cheese, and rice. There is really no comparison to other soul food restaurants in Atlanta because I feel like Springreens is in a class of its own.  They use natural ingredients and the food has a fresh taste to it.
Keyonna B.  


Sweet chili chicken wings, a large slice of bean pie, and the peach-lavender lemonade bring me back to Springreens each and every Wednesday.
D. Anderson


To make life easier, when I have out-of-town guests I bring them to Springreens.   I also eat here when I'm by myself because the food is fresh and made with love.
Sabreen A.

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